June 10, 2023


1. Don’t make your own bets on sabong international. Odds are created using a mixed signal and hand motion system and, unless stated, are not 50/50. If you are planning to make a safe bet, make sure there is an understanding before closing the deal. 2. Find someone you trust. If you manage to meet a friendly local in town or at the arena who is willing to help with betting, it makes the experience even more enjoyable. Most of the time you can calculate your money to make a bet. Be careful not to bet too much until you know you are being treated fairly.

3. Bring your camera. The shooting range is a great place to practice those perfect photo shoots. You can capture everything from combat to close range of people to bet on. If you are not a gambler, this is a good way to enjoy the game. Score:

Bets vary depending on the online sabong and the person. A good starting point is usually around 100 pesos

1000 pesos = 10 bets at 100 pesos per bet


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