September 21, 2023

We met the funny betting guide, Lino, after participating in a few fights. Working in distribution and circulation for The Mirror, a popular Manila newspaper, Lino travels to his hometown of Valencia on weekends to bet on the local battlefield. Lino gave us a good breakdown of the betting process.

Before the fight even begins, hand gestures are used to solve the problem. If you’re thinking of making a bet, you’ll need someone to accept it, and when you do, a wave of the hand or head solidifies the deal. In fact, there is no online sabong and there are no regulators or police, so every bet is made one-on-one, and the issue of ndibiat arranged before the start of the game. As a result, conflict can sometimes disrupt the organized conflict if two criminals are confused or reconsider the terms of their agreement. When it comes to training, the owners take care of each rooster and, as Lino told us, there are no rules or regulations. All is well; Steroids and vitamins are combined in different ways to give each competitor the best benefits. For many trainers, winning can mean a lot of money, so many of them bet on their own limits. It is not uncommon for some chickens to win five or six fights in a row as Lino showed me in the betting book at his house, a piece of paper with the name and victory of the chicken.
After a few hours of betting with Lino via sabong international, watching our chosen rooster fight, it was time to leave. Thanks to Lino’s help, we all left with a few extra pesos in our pockets and a better understanding of this Filipino sport. We saw all kinds of wins and losses, even draws, while enjoying our Sunday afternoon at Cockpit Valencia. If you think you can handle a firefight, be sure to request the nearest playground and go for an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


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