June 10, 2023

Comedy is not for everyone. It can be very dangerous and has no regard for animal rights. However, if you want to see the Filipino culture as a country, watch a fight, try to find out how to make a bet, and enjoy the electric atmosphere, it is worth trying. Watching a cockfight in the Philippines is a really strange but unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. In the beginning, the only two things to know are Inilog and Biya, the names of the competitors of online sabong.

Inilog roughly translated means “to push your way through the crowd” while Biya means “to leave”. As you might expect, Inilog is often supported by chaos. Before the fight, the spectators are shown the two offenders in the center of the arena. Soon after that, chaos broke out and the place erupted in a frenzy of hand gestures, waving and shouting, the confused sound of Inilog or Biya filling the place .

There is no scoreboard, TV or computer that calculates the qualifications and defines the competitors before each fight on sabong international. Here in the Philippines, it’s back to basics. If you’re thinking of placing a bet, it’s best to first take some time and look around the chaos of Filipino fighting. The alleged atmosphere looks like pandemonium at first glance, but it is actually a unique betting system based on trust and honesty. Try to find a local person who understands the process to help you make your first bet.


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